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Titel Schrijver Prijs Datum
The Buried Mirror / Reflections on Spain and the New World Carlos Fuentes (ds1288) €8,00 Bekijk
The face of Spain. The acclaimed record of travels in spain under Franco Brenan, G. (ds1319) €7,50 Bekijk
The Far East and Australasia 2000 N/N (ds1375) €25,00 Bekijk
The horizon book of the Elizabethan world Baldwin Smith L. ( ds 3002) €10,00 Bekijk
The Invention of the Restaurant - Paris Modern Gastronomic Culture Spang, Rebecca (ds 1351) €9,00 Bekijk
The King's Speech / How One Man Saved the British Monarchy Logue, Mark, Conradi, Peter (ds1373) €7,50 Bekijk
The Middle East and North Africa 2000 N/N (ds1375) €25,00 Bekijk
The Oxford illustrated history of English literature Rogers P. (ds1373) €7,50 Bekijk
The peaks,lochs and coasts of the western highlands Gardner, Arthur (ds 1282) €7,50 Bekijk
The Reception Of Galilean Science Of Motion In Seventeenth-Century Europe Palmerino, Carla Rita (ds1289) €42,50 Bekijk
The reformation in England (3 delen) Hughes, Philip (ds1261) €14,50 Bekijk
The royal progress of William Mary Raay S. van Spies P. (ds1232) €8,00 Bekijk
The Saddled Cow. East Germany's Life and Legacy McElvoy, Anne (ds1348) €25,00 Bekijk
1688 The Seaborne Alliance and Diplomatic Revolution Wilson, Charles Proctor, David (editors) (ds1206) €12,50 Bekijk
The Wandering Jews Roth, Joseph (ds1211) €11,50 Bekijk
The Wars of Napoleon / The West Point Military History Series Greiss, Thomas E.( ds5001) €22,50 Bekijk
The Weimar Chronicle, prelude to Hitler De Jonge, Alex (ds1254) €8,00 Bekijk
The Weimar republic Peukert. D.J.K. (ds1298) €8,50 Bekijk
The Year That Changed the World / The Untold Story Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall Meyer, Michael (ds1306) €7,50 Bekijk
Thuis in Europa / wonen, eten, kleden in Europa vab 1500 tot 1800 Sarti, R. ( ds1363) €9,00 Bekijk