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Titel Schrijver Prijs Datum
What Would Keith Richards Do? / Daily Affirmations with a Rock and Roll Survivor West, Jessica (ds1295) €10,00 Bekijk
Waar woord toon elkander wijden... Wauters, C.A. Bleij, ds. W. (ds1374B) €7,50 Bekijk
Verdi and his Operas Sadie, Stanley (ds1237) €9,50 Bekijk
Van vedelaars, trommers en pijpers Spruit, J.E. (ds 1250) €7,50 Bekijk
Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe. Part 1 MacNeill, Seumas and Pearston, Thomas (ds1240) €12,50 Bekijk
True To The Letter / 800 Years Of Remarkable Correspondence, Documents, And Autographs Lago, Pedro Correa (do 1376B) €10,00 Bekijk
Tirsi e Clori Libretto di A. Striggio Concertato con voci & intrumentia 5 Meister, Karina (ds1132) €15,00 Bekijk
The Wu-tang Manual Wu-Tang Clan (ds1372B) €21,50 Bekijk
The Velvet Underground and Nico Harvard, Joe (ds1264) €12,50 Bekijk
The sounds of Milan , 1585-1650 Kendrick, R. (ds1255) €30,00 Bekijk
The sound of the city, the rise of rock and roll Gilett C. (ds1371B) €12,00 Bekijk
The Songwriter's Handbook Hall, Tom T. (ds1279) €12,50 Bekijk
The Smiths' Meat is Murder Joe Pernice (ds1307) €10,00 Bekijk
The Rough Guide to Soul and RB Shapiro, Peter (ds1281) €12,50 Bekijk
The Rolling Stone Record Review Editors of Rolling Stone (ds1305) €9,00 Bekijk
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide Swenson, John (ds1269) €9,00 Bekijk
The Red Pear Garden/ Three great dramas of revolutionary China David R. Godine (ds1234) €10,00 Bekijk
The Organette Book. A concise listing of all known self-playing portable reed organs McElhone, Kevin A. (ds1352) €32,50 Bekijk
The making of a Steinway Piano (88 Keys) Chapin, Miles Prato, Rodica (illustrations) (ds1275) €9,50 Bekijk
The Life of Schubert. Musical Lives Gibbs, Christopher H. (ds1281) €17,50 Bekijk